Persona 4 Arena Controller Decals Released for Every Character


If you are a fan of Persona, then the Arena fighter title set in the Shin Megami Tensei universe, is an enticing purchase. However, Dezaskin isn't going to let you stop there. The company known for producing decorative PlayStation accessories have just released a set – maybe large enough to be considered an army – of Persona 4 Arena skins. Dezaskin has created console decal sets, controller decals, even iPhone cases in honor of the incredibly popular series.

With the console skin pack, you can choose from either Yu or Rise. You'll get a full top cover for your PS3, two side decals featuring other characters, and a controller skin. The pack retails for $50 (3,980 yen).

Controller skins are available for every single character. That's right, if you have a favorite Persona character – and who doesn't – you can get a controller decal and show every single one of your friends who you are going to inevitably pick when you start playing Arena. Check out the insanely large amount of variation below.

Via Siliconera