Nintendo is Planning “More Than Three” Mobile Titles in 2017

What Nintendo franchise would you like to see get the mobile treatment?

As 2016 wraps up, Nintendo has successfully launched two of their first mobile apps — Miitomo and Super Mario Run, which recently surpassed the 50 million download milestone.

It’s no surprise that Nintendo is doing well in the mobile market and it seems like they don’t plan on stopping either. In an interview with the Kyoto Shimbun paper CEO Tatsumi Kimishi originally reported “2-3 per year”, but in a new interview with the Sankei newspaper quoted Kimishima as saying there would be “more than three” titles in 2017.

Mobile Titles

At the moment Nintendo has two more mobile games planned to launch before March 31 — Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing. Kimishima is now hoping for more than three titles to launch in 2017, leaving fans with some unannounced projects in the works.

Nintendo has plenty of great franchises to choose from so the options are virtually endless.

Source: Nintendo World Report