Final Fantasy XV Now Available Everywhere

Final Fantasy XV is live.

Square Enix’s highly-anticipated new role-playing game, Final Fantasy XV, is now available for purchase everywhere for both Xbox One and PS4. The new game has been in development for ten years, and was once called Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

It stars four main characters, led by the young prince Noctis, who go on a road trip after their kingdom is overrun by the Niflheim Empire. The journey is filled with moments of brotherhood, love, and despair as Noctis learns what it means to be a leader and fulfill his destiny.

Unlike the previous games, which were largely fantasy, it’s set in a modern world, where technology and magic intersect.

“FINAL FANTASY has a special place in the hearts of many and the team who worked long and hard on this project couldn’t be prouder to present FINAL FANTASY XV to fans around the world,” said Hajime Tabata, game director. “Today, we invite not only longtime fans but a new generation of gamers to a series beloved thanks to the engaging story telling, unique characters and captivating worlds that have become the hallmark of FINAL FANTASY over the years.”

To celebrate the game’s launch, Square Enix has released a launch trailer featuring Florence and the Machine. There’s also a new gameplay trailer, seen below.