Here’s How For Honor’s 1v1 Duel Mode Works

Here’s how duels work in For Honor.

The beta for For Honor launches today, with a few (hundred thousand) lucky individuals partaking in online mayhem across Ubisoft’s servers. The publisher released a new gameplay video, taken on the PC, showcasing 1v1 duels with the Kensei, Raider and Warden.

If you ever wondered how players will perform in one-on-one combat, this video will show you exactly how it all takes place across three matches, with a hero from each faction. Having watched it, it looks pretty easy—as you’ll be able to see for yourself by clicking the video below.

In duel mode, you’ll fight your opponent in a best of five (just like Rocket League!) in an active version of rock, paper, scissors. It sees gamers switching between three weapon stances. Your job, as a warrior, is to match your opponent’s stance and automatically block their attack.

The beta runs from September 15 (that’s today) to September 18, on Sunday. The game itself will be out many months from now on February 14, 2017 for the PC, Xbox One and PS4.