Resume Lists Battlefield: Bad Company 3 and Mirror’s Edge 2

Could Battlefield: Bad Company 3 and Mirror’s Edge 2 be revealed at E3 next month?

It seems various developer resumes online have noted work on Battlefield: Bad Company 3 and the the oft-rumored, Mirror's Edge 2, GamerZines has discovered.

I really wouldn't get too excited though, honestly.

Micheal Joseph C. mentions work on Bad Company 2 alongside Dead Space 2 and Devil May Cry 5 (which we can assume is the Ninja Theory franchise reboot currently in development). While BC3 is probably a given in that EA wants Battlefield to a be an annual franchise as rival Call of Duty is, I'm not convinced by the timeframe of devolpment alone. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if he worked on Bad Company 2 and that was a typo.

A software engineer formerly employed by EA says he worked on Mirror's Edge 2 from July to August of 2009, but that seems irrelevant as EA has said on more than one occasion the game is on indefinite hold, at this point.