The Elder Scrolls Online: Fan Reactions Not All Roses

Some fans aren’t too happy with the announcement of the MMO.

The Sons of Skyrim have spoken. And some are none too pleased.

While The Elder Scrolls Online may have just been revealed yesterday, a backlash came hard and fast. While many are excited at the possibilities, many feel the MMO loses what makes The Elder Scrolls special, reports and they're letting Bethesda know over on the Beth Blog.

Some feel the series strength is making it's player the sole hero while others worry this will delay development of further titles or DLC for Skyrim.

The MMO is being made by a different studio entirely (ZeniMax Online) so the latter fear should be assauged.

For me, ES Online just sounds very by-the-numbers. It sounds like it will satisfy the most ardent of fans (or at least, the ones who need and ES MMO for whatever reason), but it won't really distinguish itself. And I imagine that's more the fault of when it started development as opposed to a lack of creativity. The industry's tastes and trends at large have changed quite a bit since 2007, but the situation is understandable.

The Elder Scrolls Online is currently set to release in 2013 on PC and Mac OS.