Gamer Completes Dark Souls III With Dance Pad

After hundreds of deaths, ATwerkingYoshi completes Dark Souls III with dance pad controller.

The Souls franchise, developed by From Software, is made to give gamers a challenge. For some, this challenge is an easy feat with the standard controller while others opt to take the game on in unusual ways. Today we have footage of one gamer who had successfully completed Dark Souls III with a dance pad, you read that correctly.

For some of us who have trouble completing the video game with a normal controller, watching someone go through the final boss with a dance pad setup not only baffles us but we yearn to see what title this gamer is prepping to take on next.

ATwerkingYoshi, a Twitch streamer, has uploaded his final boss defeat with Dark Souls III while using two dance pads to mimic a controller. This is no easy feat and it took the gamer a total of forty-four hours of gameplay along with dying over three hundred times before he was able to see the end credits roll.

Not only did it surprise us and likely gamers all over in his Dark Souls III blind run, but even ATwerkinYoshi admits his shock that it only took him three attempts when it came to the final boss. Regardless, this gamer isn’t done yet with Dark Souls III as he is preparing to go through the game with a DK Bongos.