Mortal Kombat Launches for the PS Vita Today

Get your fight on in Mortal Kombat using the PS Vita.

Today Mortal Kombat was released on the PS Vita. With it comes a multitude of new missions for the Bonus Challenge Tower, some of which incorporate Vita controls. Not only that, but there are missions for characters that came on as DLC after the release of the PS3 version. Yes, that means your favorite stabby horror star Freddy Krueger will debut in his own set of missions.

In the video you get to see some of the "missions" that make use of the Vita functions. Most of them look gimmicky in my opinion and wouldn't add much to the game play. You could just make "iKombat" and put all of those missions into an app based version of Mortal Kombat. Some of Vita's functions are meant for certain types of games, in this case they aren't meant for Mortal Kombat.

If you're itchin' to get your hands on a copy of this game then you can go out and purchase a physical copy, or if you're "hip" and "eco-friendly" then you can buy the game from the PSN store for the Vita.

Source: PlayStation Blog