PixelJunk 4am Coming to PSN on May 15

Sony sets a firm release date for PixelJunk 4am.

PixelJunk 4AM

Over on the PS blog, Sony has announced a final release date of May 15 for music making tool/game, PixelJunk 4am.

The game will be downloadable on PSN for $14.99  with a free "viewer" available to download for free, to everyone to check out your creations. A beta will go up on PSN for PS+ subscribers only, and will run for the remaining two weeks up until the game's final launch.

I can never really get into DIY games myself. I struggled with the first LittleBIGPlanet and ended up trading it in, but 4am certainly looks gorgeous. I may download that viewer and scope some of the community's works in between shoot outs in Max Payne 3 (it launches on the same day).