MotorStorm RC Coming to North America on March 6

Get ready to start your tiny engines.

Evolution Studios has announced via the Official PlayStation Blog that MotorStorm RC will launch in North America on March 6.

Motorstorm RC is something of a bite-sized greatest hits compilation, featuring 8 miniaturized vehicles and 16 levels inspired by the four main entries in the franchise.

In addition, MotorStorm RC will be the first title to make full use of the Vita and PS3's cross-platform compatibility. If you pick it up for one platform, you'll automatically be able to download it for the other at no additional cost. All of your save data, including unlocks, medals, and trophies, will automatically sync up between the two versions, meaning you can move seamlessly from TV to handheld and back.

The game is already out in Europe, where it launched alongside the Vita. Reviews have been mixed so far, with some praising the retro gameplay and budget price tag and others lamenting the absence of online play and overly simplified tracks.