Lego Skyrim: The Dragonborn vs. Frost Dragon

It’s Skyrim in Lego form. We wish we could play with these.

Take my money. Take all of it. Or at least, I'd give it to Lego if it were to publish a Skyrim themed set. And why not? They've done it with Harry Potter and Star Wars—and Lord of the Rings is next. So why not Skyrim?

In any case, while we're fantasizing over how cool it would be to play with a Lego version of Skyrim, a builder going by Stormbringer has crafted this wonderful Lego setpiece depicting the Dragonborn's fight against a Wyvern, in the village of Dawnstar.

This Wyvern, or Frost Dragon, unleashes an icy breath as it attempts to fell the mythical hero.

The town's guards join forces with the Dovahkiin and flank it from the sides.