The Legend of Korra Out October 21 on PSN and Steam, October 22 on Xbox

There is also a Pro-Bending mode upon completing the game once.

Only two months remain before Avatar fans will get a chance to play PlatinumGames' The Legend of Korra. Robert Conkey from Activision, the game's publisher, revealed some new details to IGN, including that we'll be able to download it from PSN and Steam on October 21, then from Xbox Games Marketplace on October 22.

The Legend of Korra really doesn't need any introduction, but just to be on the safe side, it's based on the hit Nickelodeon cartoon of the same name. It follows the exploits of Korra, the current "Avatar" who holds dominance over all four classical elements, and her elemental "bending" friends as they battle various villains who wish to throw the natural harmony of the world out of alignment. The game is a single-player brawler that fills the gaps between the show's second and third seasons.

One major part of the first season was Pro-Bending, a sporting event in which teams of benders attempt to knock their oppenents out of the arena using elemental manipulation. Conkey confirms that you'll be able to unlock a Pro-Bending mode after completing the game once, but unfortunately it's restricted to one player as with the main campaign.

You can watch the interview above, then visit IGN to see a deeper Pro-Bending playthrough as well as discussion of the fourth (and supposedly final) season. Be warned that if you haven't finished watching the third season yet, there may be some spoilers in the videos.

The Legend of Korra will arrive on Steam, PS4, and PS3 on October 21, then on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on October 22.