Batman: Arkham Knight: Jessica Nigri Takes Her Harley Cosplay To SDCC

It is going to be a long wait for Arkham Knight to release, so it is a good thing we have fans like Nigri to hold the fort.

We have a nice little video showing off cosplayer Jessica Nigri as Harely Quinn from Batman: Arkham Knight.

Yes, Nigri is completely acting out of character here, but we are sure you will not mind, and if you are, this is definitely not the article for you.  This wasn’t the video of her cosplay shoots, but it is her having fun with fellow SDCC attendees.

This time, Jessica’s costume was not made by her, but by Maise Designs Seamstress. Jessica did work on the bat she’s carrying around, as well as the police hat seen in this picture, and there does not seem to be other credits so she probably did her own makeup and styling as well.

You may remember the cap from one of the initial Batman: Arkham Knight trailers, where video game Harley picks it up from a cop she just took down. I must admit, it is a little hard to imagine Nigri being as lethal as Joker's old ward, but you can bet your life you will believe Harley is a threat when you fight her in the video game.

It sure is going to be a long wait for the game to release, so it's a good thing we have fans like Jessica Nigri to help keep us hype until then. Batman: Arkham Knight is coming 2015 to Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Without further ado, check out the video below.