GTA 5 DLC: New Features Possibly Leaked In Source Code

GTA players may soon be able to save some outfits and play the card sharks.

Enterprising fans going through Grand Theft Auto Online’s source code has found potential spoilers for new DLC for the game.

First off, there might be a new save slot for outfits, based on the source code. This might be coming after fan demand, seeing as people have to buy these outfits (in some cases, using real life money) and the game only allows them to keep the one that’s on them all the time. It’s a hopeful sign, and perhaps an acknowledgement that GTA Online is becoming more and more like a conventional MMO.

Secondly, there is apparent new proof that the game is going to open up a new casino. To be specific, there is an existing casino in the game world that some fans have observed now has an ‘Opening’ sign all over it, implying that it will be opened soon. Apparently, some fans were actually able to enter the casino when GTA Online launched, but there was not really anything in it.

So, the fans who did fiddle with the code found that when they entered the casino front, there were a set of three tables on the left and right side of the entrance, although the place were there would possibly be more rooms cannot be accessed. Going through the source code again, it seems possible casino games that will be added include poker, roulette, slot machines, and blackjack.

Do these sound like games you would want to play? Or were you looking for other casino games? Or would you rather get missions to steal from the casino, and choose to do it MIT BlackJack Team or Ocean’s Eleven style? (That’s my idea, anyway.) Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will come to Windows, PS4, and Xbox One this fall.