Kingdom Hearts 3: Why There Was No New Trailer At E3

Tai Yasue explains the devs are being careful and deliberate about what to add to KH3.

We have gleaned more details from Kingdom Hearts III co-developer Tai Yasue on where the project is now, and why there was no E3 trailer.

They intend to have a lot of variety in the kinds of rides that will be used from the Disney attractions. They are still in the process of choosing said rides, and they are definitely taking fan feedback in account.

Speaking of fan feedback, of course, they are aware that Disney has acquired a lot of IP in between Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3, and that fans are clamoring for these IP to appear in the new game. Yasue did mention his personal love for Disney’s homemade IP Frozen as well, but he has nothing to announce as of yet. Much like their choices for attractions, their primary consideration here is to produce a lot of variety, but above that, that their choices will be suitable for gameplay.

Finally, let’s talk about that missing E3 trailer. In Yasue’s words, now is the year of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Final Mix. The Kingdom Hearts devs have worked very hard to ensure that fans can see the continuity across the Kingdom Hearts games in the leadup to Kingdom Hearts III.

They know fans were disappointed, and they want to assure the same fans that they are thinking very hard about where they are bringing the franchise next and what they will be doing with it. Yasue shares candidly that the Kingdom Hearts devs received a huge morale boost from the initial announcement, especially from the West.

No release date yet, but Kingdom Hearts III is confirmed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.