Destiny Alpha Gameplay Leaked

You can get a sneak peek of the game here, but perhaps it’s a little too early to be asking for footage.

We have for you today some footage of the Destiny Alpha.

This apparently comes from an actual Alpha participant under the handle kgro82. He apparently streamed some of this footage up on Ustream. These details are hard to verify now since his stream, and account have gone offline. Subsequently a YouTube upload of the game has also been copyright claimed by Activision, and subsequently taken offline.

When you take a look at the footage, you will understand why Bungie and Activision don’t want us to see it yet. The game has some level of detail, but graphic performance is inconsistent. At certain points of this footage, framerate stutters, and some items have better graphical detail than others. This is, of course, to be expected for a game in the middle of development, but it’s not necessarily something that will thrill resolution warriors.

So, it’s probably too early to judge the game’s graphics, but it is great to see gameplay look sharp this early on, if conventional. Basically, Bungie took the core shooter experience they mastered with Halo as a base, and then added elements on top of that. We can see hints of where they deviate, like when the Guardian switches to 3rd person when pulling off a special move, but for now, this footage shows pretty conventional shooter gameplay.

You can see footage from our source at reddit. Destiny is coming to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One this September 9.