Rumor: Driveclub Launching this April

The PlayStation 4’s big racing title might finally have a solid release date.

Driveclub, the PlayStation 4 racing title that was initially planned for launch, might finally have a release date we can count on. Developer Evolution Studios recently Tweeted a date paired with the hashtag “DRIVECLUB,” but quickly deleted the message before too many people could see it. Fortunately for us, one PlayStation Nation forum user grabbed the screen before it was too late.

Since Evolution Studios is a British company, it’s more likely that the above date is April 9 and not September 4, but there’s still no confirmation from Sony at this time. That fact that the Tweet was deleted so quickly might mean that Sony has its own plans for disseminating this information.

If the date’s legitimate, look to add another PS4 exclusive to your collection this spring. PlayStation Plus members will get the game in a reduced form for free, according to previous reports.