Black Knight Mode Turns Chivalry Into An Interactive Ode To Monty Python

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Today we have a fun little mod to share with you for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Introducing Black Knight Mode, which allows you to keep going in spite of limb removing flesh wounds.

With this mode, you can chop off the heads, arms, and legs off of living players. Losing an arm will keep you alive, but without the ability to use weapons for said arm. Losing a leg will slow you down. Losing a head will give you 10 seconds to keep going before you’re gone for good.

Not convinced yet? Check out these pics to see the results: 

You can try out Black Knight Mode by finding and joining the TBS Official Black Knight Server here. Play it offline, or host your own servers to invite other people in. Of course, you can seek out other fans who are hosting servers with the mod as well.