Sony Believes PS4 Could Match Sales of PS2

It’s not going to be easy, but Sony isn’t ruling out the possibility of the PlayStation 4’s sales matching those of the PlayStation 2.

The PlayStation 4 has had a strong start in terms of sales, but how likely is it that the next-generation console will be able to match – and possibly even exceed – the numbers that the PlayStation 2 produced? Speaking with Inside Games (translated by DualShockers), Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia president Hiroshi Kawano admitted that Sony isn’t ruling out 150 million PS4’s making it into the homes of consumers all over the globe.

"As we all know, unfortunately the sales of the PS3 didn’t even get near the sales of the PS2. It may be difficult for a home console now, but I think we shouldn’t say it’s impossible unconditionally," Kawano said. "However, I believe it’s possible to expand the popularity of the PS4 by providing a rich gaming experience and making use of the fusion of network service and high performance that is possible only on home consoles."

It would take some time and a strong lineup of software, but it’s hard to argue with the current popularity of the high-tech box.