EA DICE is Monitoring BF4 Balance Concerns

Battlefield 4’s balance concerns are a top priority for the devs at EA DICE.

Battlefield 4 has seen numerous patches since its release late last year, but the game remains far from balanced, especially if you ask the fanbase—which is precisely why the developers of the game at EA DICE have started a poll to solicit feedback from the players for help in identifying which elements of the game require further balance.

According to the devs, they have a lot of balancing items in the pipeline for upcoming patches and that they plan to share their rationale behind each of these items soon.

Among the items listed include air defense on attack boats, FGM-148 damage increase against tanks, stealth jet cannon tweaks, fast attack craft cannon tweaks, and MBT and IFV canister shell buff, with reasons listed behind each of these items.

Interested players can vote on each of the items to describe whether they like the proposed changes or whether the developers should keep these factors the way they are at the present.

In addition to these items, the developers at DICE have posted a new blogpost about items they are currently monitoring, which include TV missile damage, sniper rifle and 12G slug rounds, Galil ACE 23 performance, and more. Details of that can be found here.