Humble WB Bundle Outed by Scribblenauts Facebook Page

A new Humble Bundle, featuring six different Warner Bros. game, will be going live later today.

The Humble Bundles have been great. Among a slew of questionable business practices, overpriced DLC, and publishers hell bent on making a dollar, the people behind these PC packs have acted as a charitable breath of fresh air for the industry. We saw plenty of big publishers like EA and THQ contribute to the program earlier this year, and a new post on the Scribblenauts Facebook page has outed the existence of an upcoming Humble Warner Bros. Bundle.

It might not be available yet, but the post does indicate that buyers will receive five unique Warner Bros. games for whatever price they’d like, with those who pay above the average rate earning Scribblenauts Unlimited. We should know what the other titles are soon, as the bundle is set to go live today.

“Support the We Can Be Heroes giving campaign today by purchasing the Humble WB Games Bundle, which gets you a copy of Scribblenauts Unlimited and 5 additional WB Games titles,” the post reads.

If you’re a PC gamer, this should be a pretty strong addition to your library. Make sure to check the page later today in order to snag your fresh bundle of fun software for a fair price.