Battlefield 4 Field Upgrade Details Revealed

We now have numbers and other specifics.

DICE has shared more details on this brand spanking new Field Updates system, which threatens to make it a unique FPS experience that stands out from the competition. Let’s go through some of the more basic upgrades bit by bit.

For Offensive, Level 1 increases maximum Sprint speed by 10 %, Level 2 increases your maximum ammo by 50 %, Level 3 increases your ability to carry grenades by 1, and Level 4 increases the distance you can fall without taking damage.

For Defensive, Level 1 reduces damage to your chest by 10 %, Level 2 lowers the amount of Incoming Suppression by 50 %, Level 3 decreases damage from explosions by 15 %, and Level 4 lessens the amount of time you have to heal outside combat by 20 %.

For Spec Ops, Level 1 improves your stealth, Level 2 allows you to carry 6 more C4 explosives, Level 3 adds to the range and number of your motion sensors, and Level 4 reduces the amount of time you get spotted

As you can see, there is some overlap between what these Field Upgrades actually do. Fortunately, these are very flexible, since you can always switch paths around and you will retain the ones you received. However, you will want to choose Field Upgrade paths carefully, based on what role you play in your squad, as well as personal preferences.

Find out about the other Field Upgrades in our image gallery below. There are some technical details that are beyond the scope of this album, so if you need more information, you can read our prior coverage of Field Updates here and here.

Source: Reddit