GTA 5: New Gameplay and Downloadable Content Details Emerge

Grand Theft Auto 5 gets some new details, courtesy of Brazilian magazine Playstation Revista Oficial.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is set to release in just over a month. With the September 17 release date looming over us and information on Grand Theft Auto's newest entry still so scarce, gamers are left wondering what features will be included in the game.

Playstation Revista Oficial, a Brazilian magazine, has recently published a number of new revelations pertinent to GTA 5. Apparently, the staff got some time with the team at Rockstar Studios, who develop the illustrious Grand Theft Auto series.

While these new details are not amazing by any means, they are numerous and they do help shed some light on the distinct characteristics of each protagonist. For instance: Trevor is the best pilot, so you should use him if you're wanting to fly a plane. On the flip side of that, Franklin is the better driver. This information brings some pretty interesting gameplay implications with it, so we're very excited to hear more along these lines.

We've provided the full list below, translated by OverratedMusicGenre on Reddit:

  • Franklin missions will be Wars Gangs and racing.
  • The heists are not part of the core gameplay story.
  • There will be DLC to buy, but Rockstar did not say when.
  • For the first time in the series there is Bus routes.
  • All “powers” from the characters will be activated with the button L3/LS.
  • Now the photos you take in the game can be uploaded to the Social Club.
  • According to the team of Rockstar, the look of Franklin was the only one who changed the most since the beginning of thegame development.
  • Rockstar Tip 1: If you r planning to steal a plane, go with Trevor, he is the best pilot.
  • Rockstar Tip 2: Want an escape from the crazy city? Go to Franklin, he is the best driver.

It's good to note that Rockstar will be backing GTA 5 will downloadable content. While this doesn't come as much of a surprise, the next-generation being so near to our doorstep might have been a worry to some. Everyone wants to get a headstart on development, but it looks like Rockstar is keen to just take their time with things. This is perfectly fine with us, seeing as the studio has a long history of quality games.