Black Ops 2: The Difference Between Competitive and Twitch/YouTube Players

Black Ops 2 tournament video showing the skill gap between two popular sets of players.

From yesterday's iCn Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 tournament, you can watch as player Rambo from Team EnVyUs,  keeps the opponents to a measly 12 points in a 4 versus 4 tournament match.

It may seem like an obvious statement, but most players don't understand the difference in skill of top players found in public matchmaking and players found organizing competitive sessions. Until you actually compare the two by playing in both worlds, you won't fully realize the level of skill that exists out there.

In the above video, the winning team – Team EnVyUs – accidentally shows how players of the opposing team, consisting of YouTube stars known for their videos racking up over a hundred kills, fail to even put up a respectable challenge.

 A lot of the players that stream gameplay on websites like, mostly play in public matches with players of all skill levels. While these players dubbed "Pubstars" play well against the normal Call of Duty player, they would not match up well against these organized teams with an understanding of map layouts and practice against other competitive teams.

Instead, these Pubstars who stream or upload videos will rush their opponents and take advantage of players of lesser skill. You will see players rush with snipers rifles and achieve some moderate success which will impress a lot of viewers who don't follow the competitive scene. 

Via: Reddit