Rayman Legends Bringing Back 40 Rayman Origins Levels

Rayman Legends to feature 40 Rayman Origins levels with improved visuals.

Although I still remain bitter about purchasing a Wii U to play Rayman Legends only to see it delayed and made multiplatform, at least Ubisoft will try to sweeten my bitterness.

When speaking with Joystiq, Ubisoft designer Michel Ancel revealed that the 40 Rayman Origins levels will become immediately playable from the main menu of Rayman Legends. Each level will also receive some graphical improvements to better suit the style of Rayman Legends.

For some additional side content, Ubisoft will also include a soccer mini-game called "Kung Foot." Players can both kick and punch the ball as they try to score on the opposing net.

Rayman Legends first started as Wii U exclusive set to launch alongside the console. The game eventually saw a delay and Ubisoft then targeted a launch date a few weeks after the Wii U launch. Another surprise delay pushed Legends until September of the following year where Ubisoft announced the platformer will land on multiple platforms.

After explaining his disappointment to not see Rayman launch on the Wii U, Ancel pointed to the "economic situation" for Rayman Legends' delay and move to multiple platforms.

Rayman Legends will launch on Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita on September 3rd.