FIFA 14 Player Ratings: Don’t Expect Much Change

We attempt to set the record straight with player stats in FIFA 14, biased fans need to calm their horses.

fifa 14

We've decided to set the record straight with all the "FIFA 14 ratings" posts that've been circulating around reddit and elsewhere on gaming forums about the changes coming to player rosters in the upcoming FIFA 14.

In the FIFA series of games, every player has stats—an overall player rating. It's based on their skill level and how well they play. Radamel Falcao García Zarate, or Falcao, is a striker with a rating of 90, for example. Every year, the player rosters see changes to their stats—players' stats improve or go bad depending on how well they perform in the real world.

These statistics are no longer altered once a year, but instead see constant updates throughout the year by EA. These weekly updates reflect performances by players in real games like R. Lewandowski's masterful performance against Real Madrid in the semi-final of the Champions League has improved his rating significantly and if Dortmund go on to win the CL title, later this month, we might see his rating upgraded again. You can check out the current FIFA 13 player ratings here.

Since the developers are constantly updating the stats, gamers shouldn't expect to see a big leap in stats from FIFA 13 to FIFA 14 like we usually see in a new iteration. Players should expect to see, at most, plus or minus 2 from the updated ratings. As such, it'd be incorrect to expect any players to see huge changes in their stats with the release of FIFA 14. You can check out some of the screenshots and details revealed so far of the upcoming game.