World of Darkness MMO Development Update Presented at EVE Fanfest

CCP has presented the latest on the World of Darkness MMO at its annual fan event.

World of Darkness MMO

CCP Games is showing off its upcoming game at the EVE Fanfest. In addition to other titles at the venue—EVE Online and Dust 514—CCP is showing off the World of Darkness MMO.

The game was originally announced way back in 2006—more than half a decade ago, quite long considering. The game still remains in the works and has been in the state of pre-production since 2009, and its developer intends to announce what its production plans are for the game for the coming year at the event today.

Massively reports that CCP's development team on World of Darkness now numbers 70, with much of the focus on the game's server infrastructure, development tools, social options, and the vampire powers core to the franchise, which was originally based on Vampire: The Masquerade. In the year ahead, the team has plans to build web-based social tools not unlike the World of Warcraft Armory for World of Darkness. Also in development is the game's player-versus-environment (PvE) system and a clothing system as a part of the game's basic elements.

Fortunately, players won't have to spend much time stitching clothing and cobbling boots together as it's decidedly un-vampire-like.

"You're a powerful, immortal lord of the night," the presenter said, according to Massively. "You don't want to stitch a shirt."

While the game still remains in pre-production, CCP showed off the game in its current state. The game is expected to go into full production once work on other titles including EVE Online and Dust 514 have cooled down.