Pokemon X and Y: End of Franchise Conspiracy Theories

A conspiracy theory bodes ill will for the Pokemon series of video games.

The Pokemon franchise has seen major success since its first foray into the world in 1996. The animated show and video game series have garnered millions upon millions of fans, and while the hype train may never return to its former glory, anticipation for each iteration of the series remains high.

Some troubling ideas have come about today. These arrive in the form of conspiracy theories, which means that they are no more than ideas at this point, but food for thought is never a bad thing. A user going by the name of Hamberger58 has revealed what he or she believes to be a pretty good shot at what Game Freak has planned for the franchise. If you're a Pokemon fan, brace yourself, as this theory is certainly not a hopeful one:

"So, the big theory on Pokemon X/Y is that it deals with genetics, such as X and Y chromosomes. Well, I was thinking today. Pretty much all the games come in trios, such as Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, etc. Well, the obvious third game to go with X and Y is Pokemon Z, right? Makes sense to me. BUT, as far as I know, the letter "Z" has no relevance to genetics. My thought is that, with the next two (and probable third) games are the last three letters of the alphabet, and that they are the LAST OF THE GAMES IN THIS CANON. Just a thought I had, with more evidence that it's wrong than it's right. I'm not much of a theorist, anyways; I just like reading them. Feel free to shoot as many holes into this as you want, not that there's anything stopping you."

While this might seem like it puts the series in dire straits, there are a number of things that this could mean – if anything. Game Freak has been quite clever in naming their titles, and it is likely that this is simply another example of that same creativity. We gamers tend to read into everything, and though our Redditor friend's idea seems to hold up in terms of hypotheses, it is doubtful that Nintendo will look to shut the doors on what has been a massively profitable series.