Reports Of Women “Paid To Party” At Mojang Event

Yet to confirm veracity of any statements

This GDC has been rife with conversation and progression regarding gender in the games industry and what we can do to begin moving forward. It’s also been an event with the absolute opposite remaining in place, with “booth babes” staying prevalent and, as of earlier today, the suggestion that some women attending a Mojang funded party may have been paid to attend.

Reports came in from a variety of sources, Kotaku collating most of the commentary from attendees. One such patron “Infinite Ammo” told followers:

"Party with women who are paid to speak to you = creepy Left after about 10 minutes Overheard that these women were paid $300/hr."

Mojang head and Minecraft creator Notch himself denies that anyone was paid to attend, stating jokingly to Gameranx’s Holly Green

“Why would we need to pay people to go to a free skrillex gig?”

Most of the commentary from those involved on the side of production has been denial, with the event's organiser Kyle McCarthy denying the aligations as well, but there are far more comments from visitors who claim otherwise.

The is the second controversy to have resulted from a Mojang event, last year at PAX a woman was assaulted by another attendee and this was followed by total inaction from a member of the security staff.

We will return with updates as this develops.