Xbox 720 Leaked Logo is Fake, Here’s Why

A logo purporting to be that of the next Xbox has been leaked, but we don’t think it’s real.

xbox 720 fake logo

A user going by shinobi602 on reddit, a one month-old account whose posting history includes mainly video game news links, posted up a picture on r/gaming yesterday(via Gamechup) of what he purports to be the logo of the next Xbox.

There's nothing to go beyond the image, aside from the fact that it was taken as a still photograph of an LCD screen or a TV with the logo on it, which just reads "xbox" and "Introducing a new way to play."

As the logo has since rocketed its way up to the top of the page, other users have sought to debunk the image as a hoax. A user named hupajoob, who posted the following image, notes that the typeface used on the word 'xbox' is Myriad, a free font that comes included with Windows:

new xbox typeface

He notes that companies like Microsoft pay millions of dollars for branding work to ensure that, while often minimalistic, take steps to ensure that it isn't easily copied. To do so, they often make slight changes to the typeface, as anything less than customized would be easily mimicked and create issues with knock-offs.

Without any solid evidence to go either way, it's hard to say whether it's a simple hoax or the actual thing.

Microsoft has yet to unveil the new console at this point in time, which everyone's tentatively referring to as the Xbox 720 or the "next Xbox".