Origin Sale Makes Mass Effect 3, Dead Space 3, and More Half Price

The ‘Player Appreciation’ sale celebrates 40 million registered users.

Yesterday, EA launched a “Player Appreciation” sale on Origin to celebrate the milestone of 40 million users registered for the digital distribution service. Of course, a lot of those users will have signed up because certain games won't let you install updates without doing so, but it's a good excuse to save some money so let's not protest too much.

If you're happy with a digital copy of a game and don't need to have a disc to feel like you properly own something, this sale is worth a look. While I can only see British prices, I can tell you that while the banner says “up to 50% off”, some games are even cheaper than that. Battlefield 3, for instance, is a third of its original price, which I guess might annoy some of the SimCity owners who picked it as their free consolation prize.

Mass Effect 3 is another SimCity consolation prize that may no longer seem quite as generous, since this sale cuts its price in half. The N7 Digital Deluxe Edition of the game is half price too, though it's still more than twice as expensive as the standard version.

If you happen to like trilogies, you can also get Crysis 3 for 50% off, which makes it much more affordable. Or, if you want something a little scarier, Dead Space 3 is half price too. Far Cry 3 and Assassin's Creed 3 have smaller discounts, presumably because they're still so popular. And yet another “3” game is The Sims 3, which is discounted by 50% along with all/most of its expansion packs including the latest, The Sims 3 University Life.

The sale is due to run for a week, so head on over and see if there's anything you fancy. Let us know if you nab a bargain.