Tomb Raider Players Have Killed Millions of Deer and Crabs

Though they’ve killed far more men.

Tomb Raider – the new reboot – is a pretty awesome game. Not only has it received much praise from critics in the form of high review scores, but it has been top of the UK charts for both weeks in which it's been out so far, even though this week had three new entrants into the top ten. A lot of people have played through the game, and a lot are still playing it. But exactly how are all those players spending their time as Lara?

Community Manager Ben Bateman has the answer. In a blog post on the Square Enix site, he writes that while his colleagues watched for any issues when the game launched, he watched for statistics. Like, for instance, how many of each species of island wildlife players have had Lara kill. Apparently, players have wiped out 5,294,879 deer, which is presumably more than just that first one. Remember, it's not just for the fun of hunting; killing animals gets you XP. Perhaps that's why players have also killed 1,417,750 crabs, which apparently nets you an achievement. I didn't even know the game had crabs.

More often than killing defenceless animals, Lara can be found narrowly escaping death (13,742,891 times so far) and dodging the attacks of various enemies (11,067,764 times). She turns the tables on those foes far more regularly than that, having killed 147,675,058 enemies with the bow (and 20,601,083 of those were with flaming arrows). Players are sure to loot corpses for ammo after they fall; so far they've salvaged a total of 356,988,302 arrows this way.

And finally, in case you were worried that Lara has changed too much, players have also been discovering tombs: 3,570,956 between them so far.

Did you kill any crabs? Is there anything else you liked to have Lara do a lot?