Beyond: Two Souls Gets a Release Date

Ellen Page won’t be the only name on the video game’s cover any either, it seems.

beyond ellen page

October 8, 2013 has been revealed the as the date Beyond: Two Souls will hit store shelves. The second game in developer Quantic Dream’s current-generation library, Beyond: Two Souls features cinematic gameplay and is bringing top-notch acting to video games.

When it was revealed during Sony’s E3 2012 press conference that Ellen Page would be playing the main role of Jodie in the game, the video games industry ignited, because we knew that this was just another jump in quality and legitimacy for games. Along with the news of this release date, attention has also been brought to a recent casting highlight – Willem Dafoe. Dafoe, who played the Green Goblin in Sam Raimi’s “Spiderman” back in 2002, has come onboard as Nathan Dawkins, a government scientist who is set to the task of helping Jodie understand her powers.

Customers who buy into the pre-order deal at Gamestop or EB games will receive a download code which offers a “30-minute playable additional scene.” Also in the works is a free upgrade to the game’s special edition, which includes a Steelbook case, behind-the-scenes feature, game soundtrack, Playstation Network avatar bundle and a dynamic theme for use on the Playstation 3. This is a pretty awesome deal, considering there’s no extra cost apart from the pre-order reserve.

Check out the trailer below, which features Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page in their respective roles. When October 8 finally rolls around, we’re expecting nothing less than fireworks from the Quantic Dream team. Let us know what you think in the comments section below!