Zelda’s Oracle of Ages/Seasons Announced For Virtual Console

They’re both very good! They’re also entirely different games!

The Gameboy Color Zelda game pair of Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons are finally seeing a downloadable release, as announced at a Japan-Exclusive Nintendo Direct event. They’ll be coming out there on the 27th of this month for the Virtual Console, but there’s no word on a release for other territories yet.

Each of the two games are notable for being entirely separate and distinct experiences of equal and significant length both released on the same day that had interconnectivity through the two.

In fact, the only way to see the true ending was to complete both games and use a password gained from one and typed into the other.

They’re also notable for being Gameboy Color games that had improved colours and extra content when played on a Gameboy Advance. It’ll be interesting to find out if this new version uses the improved content found on the better platform or whether they’ll simply be direct ports of the original version. There’s no reason to assume that they won’t include the extra features, but it’s unconfirmed.

There’s an interesting mechanic unique to both experience. In Seasons the player can use an item that will cycle instantly between different sections of the year to change things in the environment such as water freezing over in winter and letting you cross. Ages lets the player travel through time to progress through the world during different stages of development.

When the games are released they’ll come separately at a price of ¥600 ($6.50) each, then a month later the price will be ¥1000 ($10.50) for both.