Rise of the Triad: ‘You’ll rarely get such an in-depth look at this part of the creative process.’

You’ll rarely get such an in-depth look at this part of the creative process.

There's not yet a release date on Apogee Software's revival of 1995's PC FPS Rise of the Triad, but as the latest podcast and developer blog reveal, they're certainly getting close. This past month they've given a behind the scenes peep at the process behind overhauling the game's dated look, focusing in particular on environments.

In Part 3 of their series of production diaries (above), the developers take you through the steps of redesigning the game's levels, discussing the decisions made in order to retain the classic feel of the original while adding new modern features that are now considered standard in first person shooters. Their latest developer blog also details the vast changes they've made to the environments, giving a precise and in-depth look at the production of the game's art assets and what that step by step process entails (a great piece for those who want to work as an artist in video games).

Rounding out their month long focus on the environments of Rise of the Triad is their third developer podcast, which you can check out below, along with updated screen shots of their progress.

Rise of the Triad is expected sometime in early 2013.