Battlefield 3 Free Camera Mod Tool Released

Here’s a rather nifty tool for those who want to catch their "Battlefield Moments" in game.

While Battlefield 3 has been a massive success for EA, there are a few things fans are still clamoring in BF3 that has never been addressed. Chief among these is the lack of a way to record in-game footage without using third-party tools.

This is, of course, important for Battlefield 3 players since the multiplayer shooter is quite known for producing "Battlefield Moments" that can't be replicated in any other FPS. There are chopper pilots that get sniped with a shotgun, piling C4 on a vehicle and using that to take out choppers and so much more.

If you're a PC Battlefield 3 player, then do we have good news for you! Courtesy of site, HattiWatti has now developed a free mod tool that will let you record in game footage. According to the site, "It reads and modifies memory from Battlefield 3 to control camera positions, field of view and other settings to achieve customizable camera angles. This was built to cater the needs of machinima video producers and competitive game broadcasting."

However, it's not as easy as just downloading the mod and using it, as they state, " Due to DICE cracking down on modding tools, at this moment FREECAM is not public, and anyone wanting to get a copy of it must apply for a license. This is done to avoid having it end up in the wrong hands and being patched by DICE as other public mod tools have."

If that wasn't clear enough, using this mod in a Punkbuster-enabled or ranked server will get you banned. Don't say I didn't warn you.

This is a rather cool mod for Battlefield fans. Of course, if DICE just released a proper Battlecorder for BF3, this wouldn't even be an issue. Maybe for Battlefield 4, then?