Battlefield 3 Premium Bonus Content Drop for February Now Live

Battlefield 3 Premium members get a slew of dog tags as their bonus content drop for the month!

Over on Battlelog, DICE has announced the bonus content drop that's now out for Battlefield 3 Premium members. This, of course, applies to all Premium members regardless of platform and can be seen in Battlelog and within the game itself.

So, ready for it? It's none other than a set of new gold-plated dog tags. While I can see some people getting disappointed with it, I'd rather get these than your usual wallpaper or high-res art that you can use as a desktop wallpaper or something.

It also doesn't hurt that these dog tags look spiffy and rather well-made. Don't believe me? Take a look for it yourself.

While the dog tags do look cool, this isn't exactly why Battlefield 3 fans shelled out $50 for more content. They did so due to DICE's excellent expansions that bring in a vast amount of content that makes it stand out from each expansion released so far. 

For Battlefield 3's last expansion called End Game, DICE is bringing back Capture the Flag and Air Superiority to the Battlefield franchise. You can see actual gameplay of Capture the Flag here, or you can also read up on End Game's upcoming Assignments in a different post.

Are you happy with DICE's bonus content drops for Battlefield 3 Premium or should they try harder?