Two PC Classics, In Every Sense Of The Word, Are Now Available On The Mac Via Steam

It took its sweet time, but Half-Life 1 is finally on a Mac.

PC gamers have long pointed and laughed at Mac users, for their anemic (comparatively speaking) game collection. But in recent years, there have been many advances on the Apple side of things, with the release of Steam on OS X being a prime example. But still, it's mostly been baby steps.

Like today; in addition to Origin’s arrival earlier today, Half-Life 1 is also finally available for the Mac. Can you believe that this marks the game's very first appearance on the platform? What's even stranger is how Half-Life 2, and all its episodes, were all in a far more timely fashion.

At any rate, the title that put Valve on the map, can finally be experienced on a Macintosh, 16 years after the fact. And some might argue that it's just as good today as it was on day one, back in 1997.

By the way, it's worth nothing that Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is also now available through Steam as well. Unlike Half-Life, Jedi Academy was ported onto the Mac already. But today marks the first time in which it is available via Valve's digital distribution system.

Both can be nabbed for $9.99 each.