Meet The Xbox Smartwatch That Never Was

Microsoft’s prototype never saw the light of day.

If Microsoft had its way, Xbox fans might have been wearing matching smartwatches on their wrists today.

Development for the so-called ‘Xbox Watch’ apparently began in 2013, and it would have hit the market just two years later. The front display measures 1.5 inches across and was fitted with touch screen capability. Replaceable wristbands would have allowed users to customise the watch’s appearance, and it could purportedly be charged via a magnetic connector with Microsoft Surface tablets. On the rear is what appears to be a heart rate monitor, suggesting that Microsoft had fitness-oriented technology on its mind. It is likely this concept was realised as the Microsoft Band, which released in 2014 in the US.

While theĀ idea of an Xbox-themed gaming accessory and its potential applications certainly sounds tempting, its popularity may have been overshadowed by wearable tech like fitbits and multi-function smartwatches.

What do you think? Is there still a place for an Xbox watch?

Via Eurogamer