PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Third Map Will Be Set In Adriatic

Boat warfare anyone?

source – gamewatcher

During a recent AMA hosted by PLAYERUNKNOWN himself, Brendan Greene he let loose some interesting tidbits regarding a possible singleplayer mode, the game’s progression and other interesting addition – one of which is a new map that will be released right after the teased desert map.

User o_oli asked PlayerUnknown about maps, particularly in regard to an eSports map pool where they’d need at least five. Greene responded:

“We have plans for more maps for sure. We have the new desert map in production and an Adriatic themed map is also planned. Right now we have no other maps planned, but that’s not to say we won’t create more in the future!”

An Adriatic themed map would be awesome to see some battle-royale action, idyllic landscapes, beachfront towns and lots of bodies of water. Hopefully, this map will be gear a little bit more to vehicle-based combat (boat vs. boat action??).

Sounds exciting right? While there is no release date for the Desert map yet, let’s hope they manage to release the Adriatic map shortly after (it seems a little more interesting to me than the wartorn landscapes of the Desert map.)

What are your thoughts on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? Keen to see the Adriatic map? Let us know in the comments below.

PUBG is out now for PC and soon for Xbox One.