Ubisoft Is Trying To Figure Out What To Do With 300,000 Zombified Players

The best third party Wii U game might get even better real soon.

Clearly the one third party game to get it right on Wii U, across the board, has been ZombiU. And it has just been revealed that one of its primary gimmicks might pave the way to future content.

As Polygon reminds us all, death is a permanent thing in Ubisoft's launch title. When you die, you start as a totally fresh character. One that invariably runs into the zombie version of the person you was before. You can also encounter other former lead characters from other players, via the publisher's servers.

Well, Ubisoft has been holding onto to all these assets. And, they could possibly be utilized for some as of yet undetermined (or at least unidentified) future purpose. As Guillaume Brunier, the game's producer, states:

"We're having a lot of fun doing this… And we have many ideas to get this ball rolling. One in particular is about our 300,000-plus zombified friends stored on our servers. Who knows what we could do with them?"

The possibilities are seemingly endless, and would provide many people, who may have brushed the game aside, a very compelling reason to dive back in.