Amazing Ragdoll Physics in ‘Skyrim’ Lets You Control the Dead

In this step-by-step guide, watch and learn how to your dead body in Skyrim come back to life…and with amazing ragdoll physics, too.

For those who finished all of what Skyrim has to offer, this might be up your alley. How would you feel in controlling your dead characte rin Skyrim once they're dead? Yep, you read right. You'll be able to control your character's dead body and with amazing ragdoll physics to boot, too.

In the video below, YouTube user Hakaru0 teaches us how to do this in-game. Sadly, it can only be done on the PC version of Skyrim. Xbox 360 and PS3 users, just watch the video and see if you should laugh, or be in awe of what he has done.

It's quite easy to do. First, your character needs to bite the dust, open the console, click on your corpse and type "resurrect." Once that's done, type in "coc riverwood" or any cell name. If done correctly, you'll know soon enough since you'll see your in-game character model be a moving corpse! You can even control it normally using your keyboard and mouse. 

While it's not really nice to look at, you can experiment with the ragdoll physics in the game by having your character bounce around on-game objects and obstacles…things you would never have been able to do normally.

So, ready to be the living dead in Skyrim? Give this a go and let us know what you think.