Destiny 2 Will Lock Your Loadout For Some Endgame Activities

This forces players to enter the end-game with a pre-made plan.

Bungie’s Destiny 2 will be switching up players end game by locking their loadout during certain activities, furthermore, players will have to complete a difficult weekly Nightfall strike before a timer expires.

The news comes via this month’s Edge magazine, which expansively talks about what Destiny 2 will be doing differently. While Destiny 1 seemed to ask for persistence, throwing yourself in the same raid over and over again, Destiny 2 requires players to hop in with a plan by locking your loadout.

In other Destiny 2 news, those who are paying on PC will have an integrated FPS counter to indicate performance.

With the upcoming launch of Bungie’s MMO shooter, Destiny 2, the developers are slowly letting more news out regarding what the full version of the game will encompass. Yesterday Bungie announced that the PC version of Destiny 2 will have an integrated FPS Counter so that players can see just how well their hardware is matching up to the titles requirements.

Also, during a Q&A on the post, it was also revealed that “Destiny 2 on PC will include the ability to specify a frame rate upper-limit (via a config file),” for those who are really looking to tailor their experience on PC.

The PC Beta for Destiny 2 starts August 28.