Lightning Appears Fully Armored in ‘Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’

Lightning dons some armor for the upcoming game.

The next Final Fantasy XIII game sees the return of Lightning as the series' protagonist. The game is set to offer a huge range of customizability options for the character over all the previous games and is more in line with what you'd expect from an RPG. 

The first Final Fantasy XIII saw Lightning kitted out in a jacket and mini-skirt, and its sequel had her in armor and a skirt of feathers. Until now, Square Enix has not revealed what she'd look like in the upcoming game, titled Lightning Returns.

A new feature of the game in Famitsu shows her in a leather corset/black breastplate with full length armored pauldrons, high boots, and long sideskirts. See it below:

FF13 Lightning Returns

Presumably, the outfit we see her decked out in is one of the many outfits that she'll be able to don in the upcoming game. It's not expected to be a static outfit, as players will be able to fully customize Lightning this time around. 

Lightning returns: Final Fantasy XIII is set for release early next year on the Xbox 360 and PS3. It's expected to be the third and final entry in the trilogy.

Thanks AGB.