Mass Effect Somehow Becomes Linked With The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

When tragedies happen, people desperately look for answers in the wrong places, and as usual, video games often becomes a scapegoat.

The world has been shaken by the events that took place in a sleepy little Connecticut town earlier this morning, when a disturbed 20-year-old male walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and opened fire. 27 people were killed, including 20 children that were around the age of five, along with several staff members of the school, and the shooter's own mother, who was also a teacher. The suspected, Adam Lanza, took his life as well.

Many are understandably shocked, saddened, and disturbed by such a heinous act. With the coming of terms of such an atrocity, there is a natural need to discover the source of it all. Though, predictability, many are looking for convenient scapegoats, either due to pure ignorance or simply rage.

Video games are often lazily called upon as the root of such evil and that's precisely the case once again. 24-year-old Ryan Lanza was misidentified as the killer early on, and because he listed Mass Effect on his Facebook profile, many began to post angry messages on the game's official Facebook page.

Some examples can be seen over at Mashable, but simply head on over to the FB page in question to see them firsthand. Every single post from the past several days, regardless of the subject at hand (from fan art to upcoming multiplayer events), is filled to the brim with angry, irrational comments from those who believe that Mass Effect had something to do with the shooting.

Though you'll also find plenty of people coming to the game's defense, as well as video games as a whole. who all try their best to inject some reason into such hysterics.