Dungeonland Livestreamed Video Showcases Cooperative Action, Exploding Sheep

Delve into Dungeonland in this new video.


Paradox has put together a video of highlights from its live Dungeonland stream, captured for posterity—and for anyone who didn't manage to watch it while it was livestreamed on the interwebs.

The highlights show the players cooperating in their adventures while a dungeon master sets down enemy units for them to battle against. The dungeon master even possesses his minions to fight them. The adventurers do battle against monstrous chickens, sheep, cows, and more.

There's a ton of evil laughter all throughout the video, which is narrated by one of the game's developers to explain how everything works to some of the players. The framerate's a little low, but it looks pretty damn fun.

The game is currently in closed beta and will be released in early 2013 for the PC.