Skyrim Dragonborn Expansion Coming to PC and PS3 in “Early 2013”

Bethesda has announced that the PS3 will get Dragonborn in "early 2013!"

Hot on the heels of our mind-numbing Dragonborn info dump yesterday, Bethesda has now taken to its official blog to announce that we're less than 24 hours away from Dragonborn being available on the Xbox 360, and what's more, it's set to arrive in early 2013 for the PC and the PS3.

Yep, you read that right, PS3 gamers. Bethesda has announced that you will be able to ride dragons in Skyrim in early 2013…whenever that may be.

Bethesda also shares that Dragonborn is one of their "most ambitious add-ons ever," and adds that they're still not done as they look forward to sharing "more Skryim news" next year.

While this, is no doubt the shot in the arm PS3 Skyrim fans have been asking for, does that mean they won't get the other expansions and will jump right ahead to Dragonborn? Hopefully that's not the case, but seeing as how bad the Skyrim experience has been for PS3 users, it wouldn't surprise me that much if this was the case.

So, anyone excited to finally play a Skyrim expansion for the PS3 or has that ship sailed and you'd rather focus your time and money on some other studio? PS3 Skyrim fans, would Dragonborn off-set some of the "wrongs" Bethesda has done or should they release the other expansions first?