Fantasy Life Trailer Surfaces, Showcases Characters and Townsfolk

A new trailer for Fantasy Life is now online.

It’s been a while since the developers of Fantasy Life (formerly known as First Fantasy Life) released any details about their upcoming RPG, which is bound for the Nintendo 3DS.

Originally developed as a 2D game, it’s since been reworked from the ground up for 3D, and to make full use of the 3DS’ graphical features.

Developed by Brownie Brown, the game is set to offer an evolving storyline that changes upon the playthrough of each character, which borrows some elements from movies like Groundhog Day and games like Majora’s Mask. The idea behind the game is that you’ll have to experience life through each of the townsfolk and perform various actions before the end of the world happens.

The studio has since released the second trailer of the game, which showcases some of the lives you’ll experience in the game. You’ll do everything from smithing weapons and forging armor, and later taking on the role of the knight who gets to wear that equipment. Sounds like fun!