Red Orchestra 2 Updated With Free DLC, Classic Map

Red Orchestra 2 is getting updated with the introduction of a new map and across-the-board refinements.


The developers of Red Orchestra and its sequel are putting together some new content for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad that’s going to be absolutely free. The new batch of DLC will add the classic map Barashka into the playlist, and alter the game’s Countdown mode. The new map will be available in both Countdown and Territory modes.

Barashka: a re-imagining and re-working of an old favorite from the original Red Orchestra, Barashka brings in combined arms combat, villages, bridges and a river crossing to fight for. The map features Territory and Countdown game modes.

Additionally, the game is seeing “across the board refinements” including improved support for Steam Workshop, so creative players can share their creations a lot more easily.

Details about the revamped game mode and the map can be found on the official Steam page here.