Aliens: Colonial Marines Wants You to Fight the Fear in Its Survivor Trailer

Gearbox has released a new multiplayer trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines and it wants you to fight the fear of being alone!

SEGA has released a new trailer for Gearbox's upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines and once again, it shows off the game's multiplayer. 

This time, we get to see the "Survivor" multiplayer mode in action. Players will need to band up to fight off the Xenomorphs that will also be controlled by other players. Based on what's shown, it definitely is a big detour from most shooters out nowadays. For one thing, the Marines are severely overpowered and must rely on each other to take the aliens down.

It might just be me, but one of the Xenomorphs shown in the video might be a new one that's straight out of Gearbox. It seems to have a suicide move where it explodes and showers everyone in the vicinity with its acidic blood. 

For someone who plays a lot of miltiary shooters, Aliens: Colonial Marines might be just the thing to spice up your multiplayer FPS fix. Instead of the usual deatmatch, players will need to rely on each other if they want to survive. Otherwise, you'll be just like the lone survivor in the trailer; which I gather would be quite unsettling once you're the one everyone's relying on and you're all alone.

Hopefully, Aliens: Colonial Marines will be as good as Gearbox's previous shooter effort (Borderlands 2) and if so, Alien fans might be in for a treat when the game ships on February 12, 2013 for the PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and the Wii U.

Thanks, GameSpot